Maude’s and my favourite armchair

When Maude’s opened earlier this year on Gammel Kongevej I was slightly baffled by its decor. As a coffee shop it was very unDanish or so I thought. Nevertheless I started going in for coffee and cakes in the afternoon with my son and we loved the atmosphere. They started doing a breakfast buffet, which is amazing and great value and when I have time for a sneaky coffee with a book, this is where I go. I have also recently being using Maude’s as a place to write and work. I even have a favourite armchair in the corner.maudesBut I continued to be baffled by the decor. It looks like an old fashioned parlour and after a few months I finally found out why. There is a very famous Danish TV programme from the 1970s called Matador (Monopoly), which still maintains a popularity. The matriarch in the programme is Maude and the coffee shop is a homage to her actual parlour where she entertains in the programme. Once I found this out I realised how clever the place is. It nowhere like this anywhere else in Copenhagen and I love that. Plus the food is great, the staff friendly and if judging by how busy it is everyday, it is one of the most popular places on Gammel Kongevej. I can’t wait to try their new evening tapas menu.


  1. Looks lovely and cosy. Can’t wait to come and visit all these places! Where is the photo of the armchair though? 😉

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