Kreakassen – craft boxes for children

For those of you with crafty kids living in Denmark, then you will be, undoubtedly, interested in a relatively new concept here called Kreakassen.

Kreakassen is a monthly supply of  four creative projects a box including instructions and simple materials. The projects in the box are related to the season or time of the year. This means that Kreakassen has adapted the seasons and festivals and offers creative projects for those times that you and your child would like to do. Kreakassen delivers it all: the ideas, materials (although it does not contain every day crafting materials such as pens, pencils, scissors, glue and brushes – they do see boxes of these too) and instructions so that you can bypass the laborious preparations and jump directly to creating.dsc01814We were sent a box to try out (a Halloween themed one) and my son loved it. All children are different but Kreakassen is aimed at 4 – 8 years olds, although older children may enjoy the projects and younger ones with more help from an adult. There are four projects in the box – a couple longer projects and the rest quicker ones. All the instructions are pictorial and in Danish but pretty easy to grasp.dsc01824

You can take out a subscription or buy a box on a monthly basis. Their website ( has all the details. If they are oversubscribed you can add your name to a waiting list. The website is currently only in Danish but run it through Google Chrome and its all there.dsc01817 dsc01810 dsc01814

The Danish love of the chaise longue sofas

I have noticed in many of the Danish homes I visit or stay in how there is a love for a sofa with a chaise longue section. When staying in a Danish home (as we are currently whilst waiting for our house to be ready) as soon as I spy this spot I commandeer it as my own. I gather the best cushions and add my cosy blankets and make myself a really hyggeligt corner – a hygge krog if you will. My legs are stretched out, my back comfortably propped up and I am facing the room (and TV when it is on). living-room-1

I am assuming this choice of sofa also has its practical merits from the high hygge quotient  and also the versatile nature of the extra bit of sofa when you have extra people to seat without needing another sofa (great when space is at a premium). We don’t currently need a new sofa unless I do a lot of convincing but when we do I see one such as these beauties with a couple of comfy chairs for the overspill of guests.


If you too like these kinds of sofas they can be spotted in Ikea (of course), BoConcept (any sofa a Mikkelsen brother has sat on is good for me as long as he comes with it), and IDEMobler

Postscript: Today marks the two year anniversary of my cycle accident, I am still not fixed and it causes me some angst so today I thought I’d think about sofas, hygge and Mads Mikkelsen instead!


Tons of free resources

Over the last four years of writing this blog (I had to work that out and it shocked me) I have written a number of useful practical guides to life here so I thought that I would gather them all together as downloadable PDFs over on my Dejlige Days Welcome website. I will be writing some longer guides to aspects of life here which I will be selling but it is important to me the still offer a lot for free. I will be adding to the free guides in the same way – the information will appear here on my blog first and then be available as a free download. So please do pop over and download any that seem useful to you. I would also really appreciate it if you could add a comment here telling me of any other guides that may be useful to you.


ENIGMA – the new Post and Tele Museum

If like us you have been missing the Post and Tele Museum since it closed over a year ago, you’ll de delighted to hear that the first phase of its replacement, ENIGMA opened this month. Housed in the old post building in Østerbro close to Trianglen, the first phase is the bottom floor of the building and houses the ENIGMA stage and square.img_7314

A quick ‘did you know?’ ENIGMA houses the oldest Enigma machine from the Second World War (seen below).img_7316There is an exciting programme of events for both adults and children (in Danish), board games, programmable robots and other family activities, a cafe and also a working post office and citizens’ service (borgerservice) area. You can read much more about it in my article on The Local here and also on the ENIGMA website.

img_7317 img_7321 img_7323-1

Light pollution in Copenhagen

Just before Christmas I was heading back into the city from Ørestad and I noticed just how dark it was over the city. Of course street lights were on but that orange glow you come to expect over cities wasn’t there. I also noticed that whilst my street was well lit enough for me to feel safe, it was not excessively lit.On an index I found online comparable light pollution in Copenhagen is half that of London.

If you have lived in the city for more than a couple of years you may have spotted that the council has been gradually replacing the old 1970s street lights with new modern LED lamps. It was something of an end of an era and the old lamps were snapped up at auction to retain the nostagia.img_1875

But now we are in a brave new world of street lighting. But what does this mean? Firstly the lack of light pollution means that our bodies can naturally keep to our physiological rhythms and helps us rest when we need to, which of course leads to less stress.

It also means we can see the stars and the sky better at night, indeed just the other morning my son and his friend were gazing up at the sky as dawn was coming, pointing out stars. This was outside their school in Sydhavn, not in a field in the middle of nowhere.

I am curious if readers from other major cities have noticed the difference here and what your thoughts are. Do you think the streets are too dimly lit?

If you are interested in the issue of light pollution, this is an Interesting article.

New Packages with Dejlige Days Welcome

new dejlige days welcome nav

After a year of operation I took stock of my relocation service, Dejlige Days Welcome, over the Christmas break. There have been some services I was offering which I thought would have demand, which did not. So I have shifted things around a little, made the navigation a little better to point first time visitors to the right place.

I have also put together a few bundle packages which save the client up to 10% saving in booking each part separately. I find that clients who take the pre-relocation consultation but not the local written guide for when they arrive are then struggling to find things and places they need. I would love for people to have the start to end service, hence the packages.

Here is a quick summary but do pop over to the website to get more detailed information.

Package Two

SAVE 10%

Package Three

SAVE 10%

Yoga and Exercise Classes in English

As we start a new year, many people are looking for ways to exercise more. There was a post recently in one of the expat forums here about finding exercise classes in English. It is possible to join the main gyms here (Fitness DK and Fitness World) and ask if there is the possibility that the instructor can speak in English. They are not obliged to but I have heard in many cases they are happy to. It is probably best to check first before taking out a monthly membership. yogaYoga is an area where there are a number of studios offering classes in English and I have gathered some here. Do add in the comments any I may have missed and I will add them here.

Yoga Centralen in Frederiksberg is a super cosy yoga studio which also offers vegan meals.They have a number of classes in English including antenatal yoga and mother and baby sessions. Website

Yogamudra has two studios – one in Christianshavn and one in Østerbro. They offer a wide variety of classes in English Your membership is valid in both locations. Website

Yoga Factory in Hellerup offers some alternative yoga classes such as aerial yoga and most classes are taught in English. Website

Hot Yoga CPH offers hot yoga in various types. They are centrally located and claim to have the most relaxing yoga hall in town. Website

Astanga Yoga Studio in Østerbro offers a variety of classes but also an unique open studio concept. Website

There are many, many yoga studios in the city. If this interests you, why not simply pop in to your local one and ask about lessons in English or at least partly taught in English is there is demand.

Other exercise classes, as mentioned above, it is worth asking about English classes. You may find if they are a niche type of class, the instructors will be less willing as there is less demand. However the more inquiries they get the more they are likely to consider it. Maybe you have a group of other friends interested, if you mention this they again may see the benefit of offering it. Of course Danish is the language here so there is no obligation for them to accommodate you but asking nicely and showing what is in it for them may tip the balance.

Charlottehaven close to Nordhavn is know as a good place to get instructors willing to teach in English as the residents in the complex are often international. Website Also Powerhouse CPH offers a variety of less common classes including TRX. They have extensive information on their website in English. Website


Hello 2017 – please be kind to us

Happy New Year!  I hope the holidays have left you refreshed and ready to tackle the new year.New year roses2016  in the wider world was something of a tough year but to all those people breathing a sigh of relief that the year is over, we can’t kid ourselves as the decisions made in the US election and Brexit referendum will define the year we are now in even more than they did 2016. I think that for the first time in a long time the events of the world really stressed me, it felt like it was one thing after another last year and very few good. This year I need to try to take a step back and concentrate on what is close to me and what I can have an impact on.

So I’m back after a two week break from this blog however it feels a lot longer. The end of last year was hard for me in many ways and I have neglected this blog somewhat.

I have been lucky enough to be busy with Dejlige Days Welcome and some other PR consultancy work in the last quarter of the year. We also moved from our apartment into a temporary place and then we’ll move again in March to our proper new home. Whilst old hands at moving it is still time consuming and disruptive. I also made the decision to stop taking morphine for my pain and there were certainly a few Trainspotting moments (showing my age here) as I reduced the dose. So 2017 sees me clean of opioids, much more refreshed and ready to take on 2017.

I don’t believe in resolutions but I do believe in goals. It is a coincidence that my health is improving as the date changes but I am now in a position to make further health changes. I am making a green smoothie from this book to have each morning in an attempt to get lots of vitamins and also to stop my habit of a coffee and an apple tart from Andersens in the morning (if you are not trying to be healthy they are amazing and you need them in your life!). I also want to lose a little bit of weight, this is again for health reasons but also vanity. After my accident I put on a fair bit of weight and due to my medications this has been had to shift. I don’t look how I like to and so that will change too. I have been letting little health things slide in the face of a bigger health issue so these will also need to be tackled.

I have been feeling that my creative side needs more of an outlet. I am a big believer in the idea that if you want something no one else is offering then do it yourself. You may know that I am now the organiser for Craftenhagen (check our Facebook page for more info) and we have some fun, informal monthly events planned. However I am extending Craftenhagen to offer more formal taught craft and creative classes in 2017. These will be offered in English. The first one is scheduled for April. If this sounds like something you might be interested in I have a mailing list you can add your name to here.

Finally Dejlige Days Welcome. My relocation service has been growing slowly over 2016 but this year I hope to see it flourish even more. I am dedicating the first quarter of this year to this, promoting my book and my blog. I will have more news about the changes to my packages and also extensions to the current service in the next few weeks. Also be sure to like my Facebook page as I shall be sharing a lot more about news and events in the city there. I am also on Twitter and Instagram (and very active on both) in case you’d like to follow me there too.

So all that leaves me to say is here’s to 2017, treat us kinder than 2016!







Christmas Hibernation

So, it’s only a few days until Christmas and with batteries low it is time for me to hibernate for a few weeks. I have been posting a little less this last month due to our house move and a change of medication for me (more of this in the new year) but there is plenty on the cards for the new year with a big new project in the planning stages.img_7080

We will be spending Christmas here in Copenhagen in our very cosy temporary apartment and then a peaceful new year in a cottage in the forest as usual as you may recall my dislike of New Year celebrations in the city.


So now is the time to wish you all a Merry Christmas, Glædelig jul and happy holidays.