Sunny Days and Spotty Boys

I wanted to write a normal post for today but as my son is currently home with chicken pox I haven’t really had the time to think about blogging. He is surprisingly well but needs to be quarantined never the less.

Instead I thought I would share some Instagram photos from the weekend, we did a lot of our (or my) favourite things before we needed to paint a cross on our door… (please check out  links to previous posts..)

IMG_4992We had a lovely lunch on Saturday at Fu Hao in Vesterbro…

IMG_5004We enjoyed all the spring flowers in our nearby park…

IMG_5013I ate a sneaky solo brunch in Maude’s on Sunday morning…

IMG_5042We spent a fun afternoon at the National Museum and enjoyed their current Japanese exhibition.

IMG_5097Despite being spotty we collected daisies in the sunshine (and kept well away from other people).

I hope you are all enjoying the glorious weather!






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