What I love about Copenhagen in the Spring…

We are finally out of the longest winter for many years and it suddenly feels as if someone has flicked a switch and the Spring is here in ernest. The city feels as if it comes alive again. There are no less people on the streets in the winter (a hardy lot the Danes) but the atmosphere changes with a bit of sun. People sit on benches, walls, anywhere and face their vitamin D starved faces to the sun.

Suddenly there are flowers in the parks, green spaces and municipal planting areas. It seems as if the flowers appear overnight and the acceleration of the varieties is astounding. From snowdrops to crocuses to daffodils and then blossom all in the space of a week. My mum, visiting from France, was amazed to see clusters of people, old and young, gathered around the newly blooming crocuses and snapping pictures with their smart phones no doubt to share the joy via Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

Birds are very vocal again. I am not sure what the annoying bird outside our window at 6am is but on the whole the sound of bird song raises your spirits no end. It seems that every street has a resident blackbird who finds the best spot acoustically to serenade the spring in the early evening.

The skies are so vivid in their blueness and even the clouds, which so high up, look like they are pure white.

We open windows and enjoy a breeze into stuffy apartments. Blinds crank down over windows.

The ice cream shops open with a fanfare of opening day free scoops and the full blown Danish love affair with ice cream begins once again.

But there is still, of course, a place for candles. As I write this, the day is already lengthening and at almost 9pm it is still almost light outside yet I am see my neighbours across the street sitting at their dining table bathed in candle light.

But of course there are downsides – the sunlight shows the dust on your skirting boards that is invisible over the winter and my goodness, are the windows filthy but who cares when the long days of summer when we are (hopefully) outside as much as possible are just a few months away….


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