Fredag Slik

There is a big tradition here which is yet to be dented by the war on sugar – Fredag Slik (Friday sweets). The National Food Institute of Denmark undertook a survey last year which found that the average Danish family eats healthily all week and then goes a bit crazy on a Friday night (in a moderate Danish way of craziness) with wine and rich food for the adults and sweets and pop for the kids (whilst watching Disney cartoons, which presumably are not encouraged during the week).fredag slikFriday marks the end of the week, the weekend of no work and school stretches ahead and it is time for Danes to get lazy. Children associate Fridays with sweets and treats, and whilst those treats may be strawberries, cherries and watermelon for the more health conscious, what a great way to end a week of hard work and moderation. And makes the treats something to really look forward rather than something that is scoffed everyday.




Article in Politiken


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