This Weekend

The summer holidays are drawing to a close here but we are still enjoying glorious weather, albeit a little cooler and more pleasant. I shall be back to daily week day posting next week. We had a wonderful day at Louisiana today and now about to settle down with some wine, Fredag slik and some New Girl but in the meantime here are my picks from the internet this week….


I love scouring flea markets so this challenge is right up my street and this is one of my favourites.

Going to Paris? Have a Marie Antoinette moment here.

Who says white has to be boring?

Great ways to keep hydrated here.

Check this out if you are having house guests this summer.

Going to the beach? Here is a no-fuss guide to packing your beach bag.

Want to feel more confident? Here’s how.

Lovely Greek tradition here.

I can think of a million uses for these.

Can’t get enough of this lady’s style.

Living in a country where children get a lot of freedom this makes interesting reading.

Move over bananas there’s a new kid in town.

I found this too in the UK (scroll to the end of the English bit).

This is so romantic!

Happy weekend. Don’t forget you can follow me on InstagramPinterest and Facebook, hope to see you there.

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