Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

I would be the first to admit that I am not a great expert on modern art however I am a fan of museums, galleries and beautiful things so when I finally made it to Humlebæk to Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, I was hoping it would be something I would enjoy.
I was lucky enough to visit whilst both the Yoko Ono and Tara Donovan exhibits were on. I knew very little (and nothing at all in the case of Tara Donovan) about what to expect but both were amazing in different ways.
Some things in the Yoko Ono retrospective were a bit weird but I still liked them – for example a perspex maze, gumball machines selling pods of air and my favourite, a giant magnet pulling a kitchen towards it. You are not allowed to take photos in the exhibit and there is very little on the internet from this show. I have pinned what I can find here (and also some from the Tara Donovan exhibit) . To engage children the museum provides a detective suitcase with a magnifying glass and a list of things to spot in the Yoko Ono exhibit and my son loved it. Below are two pictures from the show but outside the main bit – a chess board where you are invited to play and a wishing tree where you can add your wish for the world.
Tara Donovan creates vast sculptures, many of which are held together with friction and gravity, so you can imagine that the staff are a little nervous if you or your nearly four year old gets too close.
For me, the best part of Louisiana is the outside areas and the sculpture garden (I did say I was a bit of a modern art dunce). We could have explored this for a very long time and the views are breathtaking. I would say this alone is worth the entry fee.

I am not going to write a lot about the children’s wing and the grounds behind it but all I can say is take your child there and let their imagination run wild!

We took the train from Copenhagen and I bought a ticket for both the train and entry to Louisiana at my local DSB ticket office and made a great saving compared buying them separately. If you know when you intend to visit this is well worth doing.


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