Mosters Kaffebar, Humlebæk

We often visit Louisiana and the lack of cafes and coffee shops around the station at Humlebæk really surprised me. There is the ubiquitous 7Eleven at the station but that was about it. Once last summer we were stranded here when the trains weren’t running and I longed for a place we could sit and wait it out with a cool drink. So I was delighted on our last visit a few weeks ago to see that someone had obviously had the same thought and  a super cute cafe has opened close to the station called Mosters KaffebarmøstersAs regular readers will know I am a sucker for all things vintage so this place was right up my street. The owner is a big collector of vintage Danish signs and kitchen memorabilia and the coffee shop is the perfect place to showcase this. When I posted a photo of it on Instagram one of my Danish followers loved it all as it reminded her of visiting her grandparents’ sommerhus back when she was a child.

It is nostalgic but at the same time seems perfect for its location. I could have spent hours looking at all the signs and tins. As well as being a coffee shop Mosters Kaffebar has a small boutique area selling modern interior items but with a vintage twist.

Great cakes and coffee with something a little different. I am looking forward to visiting again next time we make the trip to Louisiana.

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