Crowdfunding for Mosters Kaffebar

Just a little extra post today….

We loved Mosters Kaffebar in Humblebæk, the perfect place to stop for a coffee or ice cream on the way to or from Louisiana. I heard from a friend that the owners were planning to sell this lovely place and a local woman called Anna is hoping to buy it. She has a dream of a opening a cafe and now this is her chance but she needs to raise the funds to do so. If you have a moment pop over to her website or Facebook page and if you are convinced by what you read you can help support her in her dream.

Here is what she says on her website:

“Mosters Kaffebar is already a beautiful café and we are very happy that there is something wonderful that we (my husband and I) can build on. You won’t see enormous changes straightaway but they will happen gradually.

We want to make the café more and more organic, biodynamic and sustainable but without high prices. We would like to use local suppliers – Krogerup Avlsgård, Thorshøjgård and similar.

We want to buy a real espresso coffee machine and sending our employees on barista courses, so you as a guest will get the best coffee experience possible.

We want to expand the menu with brunch, tapas, soups and salads.

We would like local artists to sell their stuff on commission in the store, to both locals and the many tourists come by on the way to Louisiana.

We want to make a nice sofa area, which will be particularly attractive to mothers and parents with children. And we, of course, welcome breastfeeding mothers.

We want to make into your café, a place for all of us in Humlebæk.

For example, we will have offers and competitions, we want to have cozy events, lectures, a children’s playroom, movie nights and things we (all of us in Humlebæk and vicinity) think are cool.

We also want to extend the opening hours.

And it make it really great place to work and meet.”

*I love to help promote small businesses and to that end I am posting this information here. It is entirely you the readers’ choice if you wish to support this.

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