Our new place

So we have been living in our new place for about six weeks now and it is really starting to feel like home. We had to decorate the main rooms before we moved in so the kitchen and hallway are still waiting for the magic white paint touch! It is strange to finally be living in our own home where we can actually make decisions about where to put things and how we want certain rooms to eventually look (yes, kitchen I am talking about you!) I felt a little like I had lost the ability to make decisions as when you live in rented apartments a lot of decisions are made for you and you adapt. So when my husband asked me where I wanted the magnetic knife holder, I just said where ever seems logical as I as so used to getting used to where someone else thinks things should go. Eventually I was pressed into a decision that suited us and not someone else.  kitchen

The kitchen certainly falls into this realm. The fitted cupboards were chosen by the previous owners and whilst there is nothing wrong with them and they are clean and modern, I can’t see them being the final kitchen in the long term. We have made the kitchen more ‘us’ with the addition of cool lighting and plants and for now I am happy with it.bedroom

The bedroom is easier, we now have been reunited with our giant Ikea wardrobes but on the flipside of the rented vs owned conundrum I actually prefer the interior layout of our old apartment’s wardrobes – but that is the joy of learnt adaptability as I will soon be used to my current storage situation.living room

The living room is a cosy space with all our favourite artwork and no worries about how many holes we are making in the walls.misc rooms

I have pared down my ornaments and will be rotating my favourites rather than having everything out on display and my son has had fun enjoying the freedom to decorate his walls with stickers from Søstrene Grene.workspaceFinally I have my own dedicated workspace, full of my favourite things to help inspire me.

So here is a little glimpse into our new place, it still is sinking in that it is ours and we don’t have to pack up everything again and move to somewhere else until we really want to. I feel very lucky and settled.



  1. It’s looking great and I am SO happy for you guys that you have been able to settle in and enjoy your new space so much! And it’s fun to see a few familiar items there too! xo

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