My new obsession – green plants

I am still a big fan of beautiful cut flowers but over the last month I have been attracted to more green plants and I am inspired by Urban Jungle Bloggers. I am not usually very good at keeping these kind of things alive but I seem to be doing OK so far. There is a great florist close to us on Østerbrogade and I simply can’t resist their little, inexpensive succulents and the more unusual pineapple plant. I am not sure what its plans are and how long the tiny pineapple will live and if it will ever grow but it fascinates me.CIMG6896

I am not sure what is going on with the little olive tree, half of the leaves think it is autumn and the other spring. I am looking after it as I was instructed but I think it has decided to go its own way – only time will tell. But I am looking forward to lots of green to help the winter months stay bright.


CIMG6897 plants collage

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