9 great cafes in Copenhagen for freelancers

I truly believe that there is no better city to live in than Copenhagen! As a freelancer it is the perfect place to find a cosy little spot to work in.

I have lived in Copenhagen for 8 years and for the last three I have been working as a blogger and freelance writer, balancing this around my six year old son. He attends a school the opposite side of town from our home so rather than waste time travelling home after school drop off I regularly find one of my favourite cafes to work in. It isn’t difficult to find a cafe serving great coffee and pastries with free and fast wifi in Copenhagen, you just need to look for the ubiquitous MacBooks but of course there are spots that are little more special than others. Here are my favourite nine places.


Democratic Coffee, Main Library (Hovedbiblioteket), Krystalgade 15, 1172 Copenhagen democratic1In the front of the main library, in the historic centre of Copenhagen, is Democratic Coffee. This is a small cafe serving great coffee and croissants. As well as the seating inside the cafe area, you can also take your coffee to a lounge in the library. The shelves are populated with carefully chosen books from the library if you need a little distraction. With the space available in the library this is a place you can linger as long as you want.

Paludans Bogcafe, Fiolstræde 12, 1117 Copenhagen paludan1This historic cafe and second hand book shop is super popular with students and freelancers as it is located smack bang in the middle of the university quarter of the city. You need to get there early to get a seat next to a plug socket. I love this place, it has a real intellectual feel to it and once you have finished your work you can wander around the cobbled streets taking in the beauty of the area.


Maude’s Salon, Gammel Kongevej 164, 1850 Frederiksberg CmaudesMaude’s opened in 2013 and immediately became super popular with all parts of the community and in the mornings it is common to find students and freelancers looking for fast wifi and a comfy chair. The decor inside might confuse people used to the simple Danish look  but it is based on the parlour of a character – you guessed it – called Maude from the popular Danish TV programme, Matador. I regularly work here in the mornings and usually buy a couple of coffees. They have plug sockets but you need to situate yourself strategically to get one. Seating varies from comfy chairs to dining room tables and chairs – just like the proper parlour.


Retro Nørrebro, Jægersborggade 14 – 2200 København Nretro2This place is something of an eccentric choice – a slightly studenty but extremely homely not-for-profit cafe located the multi ethic neighbourhood of Nørrebro. The cafe opens at 11am and is a bustling place favoured by students of all nationalities and freelancers who are looking for a more casual environment where you can sit all day working without expecting a tap on the shoulder asking you to move on. There are shelves full of a jumble of board games just like a living room and the wifi password of ‘second home’ totally sums this place up.


Kaffestuen, Østerbrogade 150, 2100 Copenhagen ØkaffestuenFurther out of the city but worth a mention is this tiny cafe located on Østerbrogade, minutes from my apartment. The front of the cafe in generally for coffee drinkers but the back morphs onto a little laptop haven. It is common to find people huddled over their laptops working hard in this cosy area.  Comfy chairs, fast wifi and hot chocolate made from actual chocolate makes this place perfect. They even offer amazing gluten free cakes and have a special breakfast deal of coffee and a roll to get the day started.


Bang og Jensen, Istedgade 130, 1650 Copenhagen VbangogjensenThis cafe, located in an old pharmacy building, at the more salubrious end of Istedgade in the trendy Vesterbro area of the city is the place where dreams are made. The girl working here told me that if you are looking for a job, a boyfriend or an apartment or just inspiration, hang around here long enough and you will find it. As befits the more gritty part of town, this cafe is still cosy but this a slightly shabby feel to it. The back room attracts the Macbookers of Vesterbro and is low lit and chilled out. The front is a little more lively and brightly lit. Its like sitting in someone’s well loved living room. For those looking for plug sockets look for a lamp and you shall find them!

All over the city

Riccos and Joe & the JuicejoeandjuiceThere are two homegrown chains you will find all over the city for that quick Wifi access. Joe & the Juice is a juice and coffee chain offering fast wifi in all their locations. It can be loud and lively but useful for quick access to emails or urgent work. Riccos are also in various locations in the city and ideal for a longer stay but they can get busy with the non freelance coffee drinking population.

The best!

Republikken,  Vesterbrogade 26, 1620 Copenhagen Vrep2Just a short walk from Tivoli and the main station is an amazing space designed specifically for freelancers. Republikken was started ten years ago and is both a cafe and a co-working space. For freelancers visiting the city the cafe is the perfect place to work, you need to buy a month pass but it is well worth it. It is a wonderfully friendly, chilled out environment and there are both comfy seating areas and desk areas available.

Any other tips?


  1. Thanks for this post! I am new to town and was wondering where to find some great spots so I can get out of the house and still work!! Now I don’t have to spend time researching!

  2. Svanemollen has an Emmery’s which is light, clean, warm and the staff are friendly. You can stay all day and I often do! The coffee is excellent and the hindbaersnitter promote creative thought like nothing else.

  3. Hi Melanie,

    Thanks for your recommendations! I was wondering if you know of anywhere in Copenhagen that offers childcare facilities while you work? I am a student and my partner is a freelancer and we’ve yet to get a nursery place here (paperwork issues!) – we’re finding it increasingly difficult to both complete out work while juggling a toddler!.I know these kinds of places are starting to become popular in London and wondered if anyone had started something similar out here… I guess childcare over here is more affordable so this is less of an issue?



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