Back from the holidays

So the summer holidays are over here in Denmark and my son returns to school this week. The last month and a half has seen a lot of change and fun. We moved house at the end of June and spent the first part of July shifting the box city that took over a large portion of our dining room. I love our new apartment and there will be more to share on this and our new area soon.


Straight after moving I went to my old school’s 100 year anniversary in the UK and it was wonderful to see ‘girls’ I hadn’t seen for over 20 years again and to catch up with my best friends. Walking around my old school I felt fifteen again.

uk trip

The rest of the summer holiday passed with visits to beaches, sunsets, swimming in the sea, lots of ice cream, trips to museums, a lovely visit from my parents, general relaxed times often staying in PJs until almost lunchtime and of course the longest run of hot weather in memory here.


During the holiday my brain has been a fertile ground of creativity and I am excited to get back into blogging properly here and some other enterprises including selling greetings cards of my original photography here.

How was your summer?


  1. My summer was so nice and quiet, I was almost alone in the office the entire July – and today the masses descended upon the cafeteria and there was no seat to be found… 🙂

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