Exploring Nørrebro – Stefansgade

Back in the summer I had a lovely morning walking around Stefansgade and somehow or other I didn’t share it here so if you can excuse the non seasonal blue skies and tulips, here is a guide to a few of my favourite spots on this street.

Along with Jægersborggade,  Stefansgade is one of the trendier streets in Nørrebro but I think it still retains a local feel to it, Jægersbroggade seems to get much more publicity. Although this is thought to be a hipsterish area, there are a lot less beards and mankles to be spotted here than in Vesterbro.IMG_0104

First up is Mikeller and Friends, part of the Mikeller micro brewery bars in the city, this place is modern and cool but one of the places in the city to enjoy fantastic craft beers. The usually have about forty beers to choose from – both from Mikeller and other micro brewers. They also have an arrangement with US brewer, 3 Floyds, and it is the only place outside the US you can buy 3 Floyd beers on draught. Years ago when I worked for CAMRA this kind of place would have been a dream come true – real ales being enjoyed by cool people in a trendy location. Address: Stefansgade 35, 2200 CPH N

IMG_0109Next is Stefanos Grønne Hjørne (Green Corner), a little greengrocers selling organic produce and more exotic foods. They have an amazing selection of olives and feta cheese and say that a minimum of their stock is 60% organic. Great place to pick up some food to enjoy at home or in the nearby park. Address: Husumgade 50, 2200 CPH N.

IMG_0112Lille Peter pub on corner of Stefansgade and Søllerødgade may not be everyone’s cup of tea but its historic nature is well worth noting. It is what is known as a brown pub here, one in which one can smoke. Established 1903, it is one of the oldest in Nørrebro.  Beers are cheap and if you want you can always sit outside. Address: Stefansgade 14, 2200 CPH N.IMG_0113Finally I love a little corner coffee shop cum vinyl record store called Good Life, located opposite Lille Peter. They are allowed to play music outside the cafe and it gives a wonderful chilled out feel to the street (not sure I would be so keen if was their neighbour though!) and the coffees are very inexpensive. The guys that run it are passionate about music but also about coffee so a great combo! Address: Stefansgade 12, 2200 CPH N

IMG_0115 There are many other little interesting shops to poke around in here but I love that it still has something of an authentic feel to the street, which I hope will last. Once an Emmerys opens up here I will know the end is nigh!IMG_0119

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