New Style for Spring

Last year I wrote about my dream wardrobe and whilst I did get a lot of the items on it  and wore them, I did persist in wearing a lot of older and less flattering clothes last summer. I am determined this year to do better! I have donated and binned a large percentage of my old S/S wardrobe and as I pack to go on my winter sun holiday I realise that I still hate almost 80% of my summer clothes. I still love my vintage dresses but the rest has to change.

I realise that a minimalist wardrobe is possible as if you are only wearing and liking 20% of your clothes, you are already there! So I took to my Pinterest style board and below is the basis of my capsule wardrobe for the Spring (still thinking about the summer). I still struggle with suitable bottoms but I am going to attempt something more fitted and grown up than clown trousers or trousers that look like elephant legs with human feet attached as my husband so eloquently described one pair of my summer trousers – amusing, yes; flattering to the trousers, definitely not!

I realise that I have fallen into the Danish colour trap but hey ho, I am sure a few brights will creep in! So out with the old and in with the new – anyone else feel the same?

new style 4new style 5new style1new style2news style 3All sources to photos via my Pjnterest board



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