My dream wardrobe

I have been thinking about what I wear recently and after reading Madame Chic I took a big axe to my wardrobe and got rid of anything old, stained, faded, out of date or anything that didn’t make me feel good when wearing it.

My styles I love pinterest board has started to show an emerging style which fits in with my lifestyle. It makes shopping a little easier as I have a mental list of things to look for and I don’t end up coming home with things I have bought on a whim and need to return.

This my main list for a capsule wardrobe of items that should in theory work together over most seasons…

Here is what I have so far

smart jeans…white shirt..stripy tops..blazer..colourful pumps…maxi dresses and skirts…soft cardigans..simple vests..subtle patterned t shirts…colourful trench coat..soft leather jacket

On my shopping list…

wide leg trousers…chambray shirt..silky blouses..tulle skirt..brown leather belt..colourful jumpers.

Any suggestions of good places to get these last bits?

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