Only in Denmark

It has been a while since I wrote an ‘Only in Denmark’ post but I have been storing up observations over the last few months to share with you for a bit of fun here.


The first thing happened to my husband recently. It was pouring with rain (as it seems to every day here at the moment) and he was cycling home after work when his mudguard came off. He got off at the side of the cycleway to try and do as best he could with it to get home. A fellow cyclist stopped to see if he could help. Once he had seen the problem he produced what my husband described as the smallest toolkit in the world from under his bike seat, got out the appropriate tools and helped fix it. With a wave and a hej- hej he was on his way. Random act of kindness or just normal Danish behaviour?

The second thing happened to my son and I. I have briefly mentioned that we are apartment hunting (more on that in a few weeks so as not to jinx anything). We put an offer in on an apartment but it was important to me that my son saw it before anything concrete happened. We have moved a lot in his little life and this place is hopefully the first permanent home we will have as a family. I do treat my son a lot like an adult so when we arrived at the place with the estate agent, I gave my son a proper tour of the place and he exclaimed many times in delight, voiced his ideas about how we should arrange our furniture and also was so happy with his possible new room. The estate agent gave us space to explore and when we met him in the kitchen, he appeared quite emotional and said he had never seen such a lovely approach to showing a child a new home before. I am taken aback as in the UK estate agents (in my experience) would never have shown such a human reaction (and also I didn’t think I had done anything unusual).


Finally I have a questions for Danes reading this…what are these flat toasters all about? When we first moved here I rarely saw what I would consider a normal toaster for sale – that has changed a bit but these flat contraptions still seem popular. I wonder what the benefits are – perhaps someone can shed some light?


  1. I’ve been wondering the same thing with those toasters! They take up so much space and I don’t really see the benefit…

  2. Hi Melanie.
    The flat toasters are so much smarter than the other ones!! 🙂 In Denmark we eat “boller” a lot i think, and they dont fit in the stranding toaster.. I have tried, and they stick in the toaster and get all burned, so to be answering your question as a dane, i think that mudt be it… You have much more opportunities to toast things, other than the regular sandwich toast the standing toaster fits for…. 🙂

    Are you coming to the origami event the 30th? 🙂


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