Season of mists…

I have a confession to make, I love the autumn and wish that this charade of a Danish summer would end and give us the chance to have a new season, where we know what clothes to wear. The Danes have a mini extra season between summer and autumn – sensommer – and it gives you a taste of what autumn is all about with just a little throw back to summer.IMG_5670Autumn has fast become my favourite season, it isn’t as long and miserable as winter but also it lacks the expectation and disappointment of summer. I am particularly looking forward to wrapping up in cosy jumpers, warm coats and boots. Autumn here is often sunny and chilly and gives you the chance to enjoy the season at places like the Frilands Museum and of course, Tivoli. The parks have a beautiful colour to them and the perfect way to get out and enjoy the fresh air before the winter hits us. We also get to experience beautiful sunrises and sunset.

I went to a talk at the Chart Art Festival yesterday and when I arrived at 3.30pm the weather was warm and nearly sunny, fast forward an hour and a half and I was dashing into a coffee shop to avoid the downpour. It was wet and chilly and as it is technically still summer I didn’t have a coat with me. But sitting in the warm, cosy coffee shop with candles burning and the dark gloomy skies outside, I had an almost irrational yearning for the autumn and dare I say it, winter. That’s what hygge will do for you!


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