I love that the Danes have a little extra season between summer and autumn – sensommer. I guess it is a way of holding onto the longer days and sunshine before the winter arrives. Sensommer is defined as the last part of the summer before the autumn arrives and is marked by the end of harvests, the maturation of fruits such as apples and berries and the start of the yellowing of leaves ready for the real autumn.


There are still blue skies and sunshine during sensommer but there is certainly a chill in the air, the days are starting to get shorter, the shadows longer, the sun lower in the sky. You leave the house in the morning with a coat on but take it off later only to need it again as the afternoon draws to a close.


People still sit outside cafes but there are blankets over laps. Ice cream shops are still open and cafes still selling ice coffees. Some days it could be summer other days it most certainly is autumn.


Just like during the summer shops are selling seasonal produce. We love Danish strawberries fresh from the farms and now we are enjoying Danish apples and pears – little and sweet – fresh from orchards. I love to see so many different varieties.

Sensommer really does feel like a celebration and not a mourning for the end of summer.


  1. That is such a sensible season! It’s the first day of school here in England and, like so often before, the weather is delightful; sun, blue skies, pleasant strolls with the annoying knowledge that all the children are missing out on sensommer after a cold, grey August.

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