The essential guide to settling in Copenhagen – just for you!

As some readers will be aware, last year I launched my relocation and settling-in service, Dejlige Days Welcome. I offer a number of packages and services which you can read about here but I thought I might share a bit more detail about the package I believe would have been the most useful to me when I relocated here the first time and also when I moved to Berlin – The Personal Information Pack. Clients who have taken this package with me have found it invaluable.harbour

The guide with a map is prepared after thorough consultation with my client(s). Before I prepare this I send  a questionnaire to find out more about your needs and interests to make sure that all the information is relevant and useful to you and not a generic guide. Some things in the guide will not be local to you but relevant to your interests for example sports clubs.

It is best to have this guide in your possession when you first move in as the first section is the things you need to know in the first few days and week – very practical and then the second section is more long-term. Even if you have already moved it is also useful but the focus of the guide will be a little different – but then my whole goal is to make sure that every guide is just for you!

Here is an idea of what the guide contains.

The first section is what you need to know in the first few days and weeks, and with things located as close as possible to your new home. For example cafes with wifi before you get set up at home and  nearby places to buy DIY items you with inevitably find you need to the first few days. As well as many other practical places and advice to make sure you hit the ground running and with minimal stress.

Then after that, and all focused on your needs, the guide contains information you will need to feel settled on a more long-term basis such as places for exercise and entertainment, clubs/activities for you and your kids, places to meet people and get more information, a detailed shopping guide plus so much more. I also prepare you a short what’s on guide for your first two months in your new home to give you the chance to have some fun and get used to the new city.

All of these things shown on small maps and one master map. The information provided will save you hours of research and maybe not even finding the right information due to language barriers or it is stuff I have discovered myself over the years or simply know that people need to know even if they don’t realise it themselves.

If this sounds like that might be interesting to you, pop over to the Dejlige Days Welcome website to read more and connect with me there.

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