Bringing some Soul to Østerbro

I am often heard bemoaning the lack of interesting cafes and coffee shops in Østerbro compared to other parts of the city,  preferring to get my coffee fix in other parts of town rather than my own neighbourhood. So I was delighted when I was contacted by the team behind a new plant-based cafe opening up just a few streets away from my home. Souls certainly offers something a little bit different too.

burgerThis what they say – “At Souls, we want to put the soul back into food by offering locally sourced food of the highest quality for people who are conscious of not only what they put into their body, but of the footprint it leaves in order to reach their plate.

“Founded by two Australians, Souls keeps the Australian approach of being straight forward yet laid back – we are honest about our produce and want to offer an alternative for people who want worry-free food on the go. This translates into buckwheat pizza, authentic avocado smash, quinoa pancakes and seriously healthy juices.”panckaesWhilst I am not a vegetarian or vegan myself (don’t worry if you enjoy meat, they do have free range chicken on the menu), I do like this kind of food and like to feel that there are healthy but tasty options out there and if I am honest I am a little bored of the same kind of fare offered in cafes in the city. It is great to have something different to try and Souls offers just that.

Located on Melchoirs Plads, just off Nordre Frihavnsgade, to breathes life into a square that looks like it has real potential to become something of a community hub, rather like Balders Plads in Nørrebro. This is something that Matt, one of the two Aussies behind Souls, would like to see happen.DSC01661

I’ll be upfront and say that prior to their official opening on April 1st (tomorrow), Matt invited me in to try some of their menu but I can be honest when I say how much I enjoyed the food. My son and I had coffee and cake one afternoon and I am afraid we enjoyed the gooey chocolate cake and yuzu ‘cheesecake’ so much that we didn’t take a picture but I did take a photo of this lovely sweet potato salad I had there over Easter. Packed full of flavour and a decent size for a good filling lunch, it was delicious.DSC01659 With coffee brewed from beans from Contra Coffee, a simple but healthy breakfast menu plus wifi, this place is looking very appealing as my new morning ‘office’. They will also be open in the evenings with a great selection of wines and local beers, for a more chilled out after work tipple.

I love the simple and slightly industrial decor coupled with a warm and cosy atmosphere. There are more than few nods to the Australian heritage of the owners around the place including a surf board. Despite not being officially open yet, Souls has been busy with new customers already (I took this photo between busy periods as I tend to avoid photographing strangers)DSC01660

Souls is not worthy but offers a worthwhile and diverse experience of good food, coffee and cosy place that will, I have no doubt, be putting its mark on the local community very soon.

Why not see what it’s all about at their official launch party on Friday 1 April from 4pm. They say you will be welcomed by various bites, drinks and live music! Sounds like a great way to start the weekend. More information on the launch event here.

Address: Melchoirs Plads 3, 2100 CPH

Facebook page

Thanks to Sweet Sneak Studio for the first two photos featured here.

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  1. Sounds incredibly good! And even though we are all going tomorrow to CPH to celebrate my birthday it is a little bit far from where we are staying =( Im sure there will be another time to pay them a visit as it is a wonderful idea!

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