Where to….get your clothes altered or mended

Living in a country where the women’s clothes shops think everyone is built in Danish proportions, I regularly buy trousers that are far too long for me and then pop into my local tailor or dressmaker (skrædderi og systue) to have them altered. This is normally done by the next day and costs around 150dkk.maniaGoing to a tailor’s feels like an old-fashioned experience in a good way. As I pressed the bell at my local one on Østerbrogade for the first time and waited I had an image in my mind of a traditional tailor, a dapper chap in (of course) well-tailored clothes with a worn tape measure around his neck and magically, like the shopkeeper in Mr Ben, he appeared, exactly as I imagined him. In an odd way this enhanced my experience but although all the tailors I have been too have not matched this description, they have all done a good job.

I also like the idea that there are sufficient people who care about their clothes enough to have them mended rather than just chucking them out to sustain a thriving tailor’s economy here.

Once you start looking you will see these small unassuming shops on most local shopping streets and they all say they can take on all alterations and repairs. Most quote replacement of buttons, zippers and some are specialised in leather or other specialist fabrics.


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