Easter already

Yesterday was the first day of Spring if you go by the astronomical seasons and the last week here has felt very spring-like. Blue skies and a definite warmth to the sun. I was early to an appointment in the city last week and settled myself on a sun trap bench along with other sun starved people and sat with my face tilted to the sun like a flower, soaking up every new ray. DSC01645

The year seems to have whizzed passed so quickly – it seems just the other day we were getting ready for Christmas and now its time to celebrate Easter. Easter is very early this year but nevertheless it seems to be here a little too soon. But at least the Spring seems to have come with it.  I have already retired my winter boots and heavy coat, which has been refreshingly like shedding a skinDSC01647

I love decorating for Easter and we are getting a nice little selection of eggs to brighten up the house with.  I wrote last year a little about why I celebrate Easter. Each year I enjoy marking a new season or celebration with something special like decorations, a delicious, traditional meal (we will again be having rolled lamb from Cleavers in Torvehallerne on Easter Sunday) and small but enjoyable family traditions, and Easter is no exception.DSC01648 Now my son is in full-time school celebrations and holidays also mean a break from the early morning routine and some time to relax. I usually make sure my Easter (or Christmas) wreath is on the door to mark the last day of term, a tradition he loves. DSC01652 And so the holiday week begins for us with a decadent lunch of pancakes after a morning chilling out in our PJs. DSC01653Finally I thought I’d share a photo from 2013, from another early Easter but a completely different one with the sea frozen and Easter egg hunts in the snow – so feeling even more thankful for the spring weather this Easter.


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