Spring has sprung (well almost)

It has been a little quiet here this week as my operation at the start of the month has taken a lot longer to get over than I thought so my brain has been a little stuffed up with pain relief and its tough to type with one hand. None the less things are getting better all the time and this is the end of it all, I hope. IMG_3981 I have plenty of things to share here once I am back up and running but in the meantime a couple of weeks out has meant that spring has arrived with much lighter mornings and longer days and nature is starting to put on a show that means the winter is finally behind us at last. I shall be here next week with a few Easter posts and then after the holiday normal service will once again resume. In the meantime, enjoy these tiny glimpses of spring!IMG_3983 IMG_3984 IMG_3985 IMG_3986 IMG_3988


  1. Hope your arm really gets its skate(s)
    on and recovers double quick! Sounds ghastly.
    And thanks for the gorgeous pics, they’re beautiful and perfect screensavers.

  2. It seems so long since your accident but really hope that you will finally see an end to it, such an ordeal! Yay, looks like Spring has at last sprung, love that sky!

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