Celebrating Easter

It wasn’t until I moved to Denmark and then Germany that Easter really meant more than chocolate and being made to eat fish on Good Friday. In Denmark we get an extra day free from work on Thursday before Good Friday and the Danes take the extra long weekend as a chance to enjoy family and friends, often at summer houses if the weather is good (and even if it isn’t). Easter comes at the end of a long winter and is very welcome as the days get longer and brighter.DSC00550It has become tradition for us to decorate for Easter with an ever-growing collection of decorations. I usually make an Easter wreath for the front door and a few other little bits and bobs.DSC00547This year I decoupaged feathers and pressed flowers to some blown eggs from Pandura Hobby. The feathers were a success but the dried flowers less.easter egg makesWe also have a number of special decorations particularly ones handmade by my son, beautiful ones from Royal Copenhagen and Georg Jensen, gifts from friends and ones from individual artists but the whole effect is one of joy of Spring and rebirth. To me that is why I celebrate Easter (oh and of course there is chocolate and cakes!)DSC00542


  1. Beautiful photos. I have just finished work for two weeks and am just starting to contemplate how to decorate for Easter! Lovely ideas on here. I’m really excited to be able to spend some time at home and in the garden and have got lots of little crafty projects on the go!

  2. Love the eggs with the feathers. Very beautiful. Doesn’t feel like a whole year has passed since last Easter. Hope you are doing well after your accident and hope you and your family have a lovely Easter xxx

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