A Lone Wolf(ie)? {now closed}

The older part of Sydhavnen is usually somewhere I go through on the way to somewhere else. My husband used to work close to Sydhavn Station and on some of our first visits to Copenhagen we stayed in some of the business hotels in the area. It has always struck me as a slightly rundown part of town unlikely to be touched by gentrification. And that may still be the case but there was something new on my radar in this area I wanted to check out – Wolfie. This new cafe is located in a blue and white wooden hut in the middle of Mozarts Plads (see what they did there with the name of the cafe?), the centre of what is known as the composers quarter (komponistkvarteret) and close to what I discovered as some interesting residential areas. The hut has had various lives as a hang out, and a cafe called Monster Times before Wolfie moved in. The square attracts a variety of local residents from families with young children to weather-beaten drunks and their dogs. Until now there was just a small supermarket and a kiosk in the area. DSC00495 Wolfie is the new opening by Grød founder, Lasse Skjønning Andersen. Sydhavnen is not the place for another Grød, he has said in media interviews but as it is the area he grew up in and knows well, he wanted to open a cafe that would be for the local people and to help revitalise the area. On the morning I went in I can see that this is working thus far. There was a local man, who lives in the nearby haveforeninger (an area of wooden built homes similar to kolonihaven but permanent), enjoying his paper and a coffee. A skinny older chap sitting alone and a couple of young men who live out on the nearby coastland popped in, curious about the new place. No one was especially hip, just folk enjoying their breakfast.DSC00496 And the breakfast was great. I had the generous portion of greek yoghurt with muesli and a great cup of coffee. I was tempted by the peanut butter and jelly sandwich, maybe next time. The menu is simple but interesting. I was delighted to hear the bread they serve comes from one of my favourite bakeries, Brødfløv in Frederiksberg. There is a small delicatessen area selling organic ingredients and of course porridge oats from Grød. Bjarke, who was working that morning, also lives locally and can see the need for this kind of cafe in the area. There are a lot of young families here and the play area in the square gets busy and people like to get something to eat and drink; there are the mums on maternity leave walking their babies in prams who welcome a comfy spot for a coffee whilst the baby sleeps outside as is the Scandi way.  And then there are people who just want a decent cup of coffee to go.DSC00498 I don’t think this cafe will start a hipster wave in Sydhavnen, but I may be wrong, time will tell as the city gets fuller and fuller and people are looking for cheaper, more available residential areas. But right now it is  just offering an unpretentious place for great coffee, breakfast or lunch for locals and bringing new life to this old square. Leave your preconceptions of Sydhavnen at home (many recognise the area from scenes in Danish crime programmes) and give Wolfie a visit.DSC00500 DSC00505 DSC00507 DSC00510Address: Mozarts Plads, 2450 København Facebook page


  1. This looks nice! And what a fun photo of the opening hours written on the window 🙂 Speaking of gentrification, isn’t one of the new metro stations scheduled to be in Mozarts Plads? I wonder if that will mean any changes for the neighbourhood.

    • I understand that to be the case but it will be after the main ring is completed. I can see all the new metro stations having an impact but time will tell what it is.

      • What a lovely and well written post about Wolfie. Thank you for that 🙂
        I’m a co-worker at the café and just wanted to leave a “short” comment on the Metro situation 🙂 The other day a couple of people from the Municipality of Copenhagen and from the Metro construction company did a walk around the area. They stepped by the café to have a coffee and they told me that the reason for their walk was to discover the possibilities of maintaining and even strengthen the synergies that has been created at Mozarts plads (for instance little Wolfie), both while the construction of the metro is happening and ofc afterwards as well.
        I personally think the Metro will have a great impact and do the area even better!

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