Kolonihaven (Danish Allotments)

I expect most people have spotted the little collections of small, dark wooden houses clustered along the metro route to the airport and perhaps assumed they were summer houses. You can see them all over the city and other cities in Denmark.They are in fact allotment sites which starte to spring up in Copenhagen from the 1890s to give working class families space to grow vegetables outside the dense inner city areas.
There are around 62,000 allotments today,and although they no longer sit outside the city limits, they are much desired properties to own. Each has a little house designed to shelter in but they are now so much more, Owners are only allowed to stay in the little buildings between April and October and just a quick look at them shows how much they are valued as space to grow and be outside in the summer months.
I would love to have one of these gorgeous little places.
The photos here are from the Kolonihaven close to the Green Cycle Route in Frederiksberg


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