Coffee and books in Sluseholmen

There are two things in life I enjoy – a good cup of coffee and a good browse in a bookshop. Sadly living in a country where the native language is not my own, finding browsing opportunities is hard. There are some English bookshops here and they offer a reasonable selection (such as here, here and here) but I really want to see a bookshelf that looks like the one below to really delve into.DSC01215

So you can imagine my delight when I discovered this one at the back of Riccos in Sluseholmen. My new morning beat is completely new to me and all my old haunts for coffee after school drop off are not so convenient anymore. One of the mums at my son’s new school told me there was a coffee shop close by to the school so I headed off in the right direction and sure enough there it was. DSC01218

First of all some thoughts on the coffee shop itself.  Like most of you I was familiar with Riccos and have a few favourites already. such as the one on Strandboulevarden, so I knew the coffee would be good. This place has only been open since March this year and is currently the largest Riccos in the city. I like the way that each Riccos is different and fits with the vibe of the area and the building it is located in. Sluseholmen is a newly built area so they had a blank canvas to work on for the coffee shop and I love the cosy, arty but industrial feel of the place. It fits with the variation and modern feel in the area but also still manages to be hyggeligt (the most important box to tick in regard to Danish coffee houses!)DSC01221

But let’s get back to the vast floor to ceiling bookshelves. They are not for decoration but an enormous selection of new and secondhand books to buy. There are many shelves of English language books and loads I have never seen before but really want to discover – plus they are reasonably priced. I came away with this book, which I have never seen before but thought sounded interesting. The bookshop is operated by a third-party called Næste Runde, which was formerly a bookshop on Jægersborggade and still has a presence there in Rubæks Bøger, and the coffee shop staff take the money on their behalf.

IMG_1756Sluseholmen isn’t difficult to get to from the city centre and the number 14 bus stops almost outside Riccos or why not get the boat bus and enjoy a harbour ride on your way to get your next new read?

Address: Sluseholmen 28, 2450 Copenhagen



  1. If you’re looking for secondhand novels in english I can recommend Booktrader at 23 Skindergade (a couple of minutes walk from the Round Tower). I was in there the other day and could hardly tear myself away!

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