Copenhagen Cooking 2015

I was feeling pretty tired yesterday after the shock to the system of getting up super early to get my son to school – after arriving forty minutes early, it is a relief not to have to get up so early from now on. So today, in lieu of a proper post and I promise there are some good ones coming next week, i thought I would flag up an exciting forthcoming event happening in Copenhagen between 21 and 30 of August.

CPH food

Copenhagen Cooking offers a program of exciting culinary events including workshops, street dinners, events for kids and families and exciting and unique dinners in some fabulous locations The great thing is that some of which are free and it is happening all over the city. I have marked a few things I would like to do such as a behind the scenes look at Østergro, a New Nordic cooking course offered in English, a visit to an Italian market in the city centre and a coffee tasting. I am sure there is something you fancy happening during the week so why not pop over to their website and get planning!

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