My new obsession – Huevos al Plato at La Esquina

It has been a while since I last found a real food obsession – one that after I eat it I want it all over again, and then can’t stop thinking about it until I have it the next time.Well, the Huevos al Plato (eggs in a plate) in a little cafe called La Esquina have become my new must eat.IMG_3320I have been to this cafe a few times before and thought the food was OK. It’s a lovely place to meet friend or to work and being close to the Lakes on the edge of Østerbro and Nørrebro makes it a perfect location for a little stroll after. I popped in here last Friday after enjoying the sunrise over the frozen lakes and just chose the warmest dish on the menu as I was frozen. It turned out to be the best choice, ever. The little earthenware dish arrived with a beautifully silky egg omelette dotted with crispy (and very spicy) bits of chorizo. The best surprise (as I hadn’t heard of this dish before) was the spicy tomato mix underneath. I devoured it and even mopped the remains out of the dish with the bread. 25kr very well spent but I wanted another. I decided it made me look a bit greedy so I didn’t.

IMG_3293I raved about this dish for days and kept thinking about it. On Tuesday despite still having a streaming cold, I found myself getting off the bus a few stops before mine and walking back to this breakfast heaven. This time I discovered they do a larger (and its is much larger) proper dish of Huevos al Plato for 65kr (small one above)  and I was happy, very happy and very full!

I shall try and last a week before i go back but there are no guarantees!DSC00381 Two other things about the place, as well as being a wonderful Spanish inspired cafe it also houses a hairdressers at the back in a separate little shop. The other is a confession from me.  I always thought that the name meant The Horse – quite why it would be called that I don’t know but upon recommending the cafe and the eggs to a Spanish barista in Riccos I discovered it means The Corner – which makes a lot more sense and makes me think I should have paid a lot more attention in Spanish class! Anyway regardless of whether it is named after a horse or a corner, make sure you try their Huevos al Plato at least once, you won’t regret it!DSC00380

La Esquina, Ryesgade 76, 2100 KBH Ø

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