Organic (Økologisk) Food

When I first moved to Copenhagen I was surprised by the availability of organic food compared to the UK. Over the years this has got even better and the prices of organic food have been deliberately kept low by the supermarkets. In fact the discount supermarkets are particularly good for this with Netto heavily advertising its slogan Alle skall ha’ råd till Økologi (All should have access to organic).There is a wide variety of foods that are available as organic here from fruit and veg to pasta, wine and dairy products. Whilst all supermarkets have an organic range, I thought I would do a quick run down of the best places to get organic food at a fair price.


The discount supermarket is a big proponent of organic foods for all (as mentioned above) and as well as carrying a reasonably wide selection, they often offer discounts or ‘spotvarer’ on a variety of popular and everyday organic food items.


This supermarket chain says that it has Denmark’s best selection of organic food with over  1000 organic lines. They also often offer discounts on different organic items. on Tuesdays and Thursday they offer 25% discount on organic foods in some of their stores (I have seen it in my local Føtex Food). Also on some Sundays – check their aviser for details.


Another discount supermarket making sure that organic food is for all, but this time you need to sign up for a KIWIKort to benefit from a 20% discount on organic fruit and vegetables.


Many of the ‘everyday’ items in Irma are organic and again there are promotions each week on a selection of items.


As well leading the way with food waste, this supermarket also offers a great range of everyday organic foods.


Fakta has a new line called 365 which is great, totally organic and super cheap.


The online supermarket has a wide variety of organic meats and fresh products as well as other types of food stuffs.


This is an organic box delivery to your door, they offer fruit and veg as well as meat, fish, dairy and other types of food.

Økologisk Supermarked

This is a purely organic online supermarket, a little more costly than the other choices but a decent selection of products including toiletries and household items.


Amongst the outside fruit and veg stalls at Torvehallerne there is one selling organic fruit and vegetables from Denmark.


  1. I have found that the most affordable and good selection of organic daily produce can actually be found from Rema1000. I was surprised it wasn’t mentioned on your list, because their selection is so much better than for example Netto. 🙂

  2. Rema 1000 is also actually a very good and inexpensive place to buy Organic (often Danish) produce and food in general. I just started shopping there a few weeks ago and liked how they have a large selection and many of their vegetables (like carrots) can be bought by weight. This is great for me, as it prevents waste. The prices are often lower than other chains as well, and in my area, the quality is better than Irma or Kvikly.

  3. I find it very annoying that the organic vegs at least at Netto is typically packed in double plastic packaging. Sometimes I end up choosing the non-organic unpackaged alternative for that reason 😕

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