Elbow update – the end is nigh

For those of you who are keeping count and are possibly still interested in the on-going saga of my smashed and rebuilt elbow, I am having a third and final round of surgery in March. This time it is to remove the final section of metal in the top part of my arm as the metal is resting on my ulnar nerve. I find myself talking to people expecting them to have the same level of anatomical knowledge that I now have about arms, bones and nerves and funnily enough they don’t. For many people they are surprised that I am still suffering and recovering from my injury over twelve months after the accident.IMG_3314

This time it has been a speedy process getting an appointment for the operation. I saw my GP on a Thursday who agreed to send the referral immediately for me. By Monday I had an appointment in my e-Boks for a week later.  At that appointment, following an x ray, I had a fast diagnosis and a date in the calendar for the operation. I could have gone sooner but we have a break away booked for the winter holiday so it was best after that. I even saw the actual surgeon who would work on it and I ticked the consultation with the  anesthesiologist off in the same visit.

I was reminded of my decision to go privately last time and how much better this experience was compared to the rush I felt at the private hospital.

I now have about a month to wait for the operation and thanks again to the sympathetic nature of my doctor (after a few days wait for an appointment sadly) I now have some pain relief to make that month a little easier.

Apart from the blip over the summer when I had to wait for the summer break to be over before I could see someone about my second operation, my experience has been amazing in regard to my dealings with Bispebjerg Hospital . I hope the final operation will be the same and, although it has been good through all the troubles of the last fifteen months, I will be very happy to be saying goodbye to that hospital for a long time, I hope.

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