Summer house for New Year?

New Year’s Eve in the city is a noisy affair and after a few years of oohing and ahhing at the fireworks and being shocked at the total lack of health and safety worries (kids with safety glasses standing feet away from fireworks in the streets), we have decided the escape the city this year to see the new year in. So like many Copenhageners we will be heading to a ‘summer’ house.cottage 2

We don’t want to go to a sunny place (well maybe a little) but we would like a hyggelige few days outside the city close to nature and beaches in a little summer house. It would be lovely if there is snow and we have our own garden to run about in, a beach close by the blow away the cobwebs and a wood burner back at the cottage to snuggle up in front of with hot chocolate and little Danish christmas cookies when we need to thaw out. But most of all a little more peace and quiet as 2015 arrives. I am sure there will be some fireworks but nothing like the city and there certainly won’t be a party upstairs to keep us awake!winter cottage 1

We have booked a little place close to Tisvileje about an hour north west of the city. It was tough to find one available and with the owners willing to warm it up for us but we found an angel on Airbnb so are plans are complete. Hopefully it will be as good an experience as we’ve had before with them.

What are your New Year’s Eve plans?

Photo credits: Winter cottage 1, 2


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