Summer Houses

We have had a run of four day weeks this month and there are a couple left to go plus the sun is shining. Suddenly you notice your neighbours loading up their cars on a Friday (or Thursday night) and heading off somewhere. Once July comes this becomes a mass exodus of the city as most Danes take their summer holiday then. But where is everyone off to? Summers houses around the coast of Sjæland or further afield in Denmark is a pretty good bet. It seems that almost all Danes own, or have a friend or family member that owns a summer house.CIMG3662 We have stayed in two summer houses over the last few years and if you are not lucky enough to know an owner of a summer house, there are thousands available to rent at quite a reasonable price. They vary from basic, like the first one we stayed in (final picture here), to a little more luxury with a hot tub or jacuzzi bath. They are often located in summer house areas close to beaches so you have the best of both worlds – a garden to relax and grill in but a wonderful beach nearby.CIMG3663 Summer houses are, perhaps, more of a Scandinavian thing, particularly in such a small country as Denmark where you can easily be at your summer house enjoying a cold glass of wine in less than an hour from leaving your city apartment.  They are also a way to really enjoy the summer days and nights. They don’t have to be amazingly luxurious or huge, many are nothing more than large wooden shed but they hit the spot.DSC_0024 It is my dream to own a summer house where we can disappear to on a weekend to enjoy a garden and some fresh sea and country air. I know older couples who from the beginning of the summer simply stay there until there is a chill in the air only returning to the city for essential appointments and confirmations. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?SONY DSCFor lots more summer house inspiration click here and if you are looking to rent one this is a great website.



  1. I love sommer houses! My bf’s parents have one and we are going for a week in July (how Danish of me!). I feel like time passes differently up there, and I just love the general feeling and atmosphere about them, so relaxed and hyggelig! For me, staying at a sommerhus is one of the most Danish experiences.

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