Mit hjem er mit slot

Mit Hjem er mit Slot is a garden, food and interiors show that takes place from the 5th to the 9th June outside Frederiksberg Have. Every year I see legions of older people carrying bags of plants leaving the show. As you have to pay to get in, I have always been reluctant to pay to look at plants as I have no garden or balcony. However this year, I decided to put my hand in my pocket and go in to the show.SONY DSC I was pleased that I did (although I am not sure it is worth the amount they charge) as there was a lot more to it than just plants. The themes of the stalls seems to be very pastel and girly and also very French. There were lots of stalls selling French brocante wares from baskets, baking tins, old furniture and delightfully on one stall, some old ballet shoes.SONY DSC I loved having a leisurely poke around and came away with a few things but the experience was worth it. The show runs all over the weekend and on Monday too. If you get a stamp on your hand you can return again on the same day.SONY DSCmithjemmithjem2mithjem3mithjem4

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