Goals for June

It seems that my goal setting has been jinxing my plans somewhat but I shall continue anyway and perhaps I can go a month without someone in our household being sick! To that end I have just had a whole arm’s worth of blood tests to check I am not missing anything vital.


The biggest goal this month is to stay sane. We get the keys to our new apartment on 15th June and then move in the following week. It feels as if we are constantly packing and unpacking our stuff but this time should be the last for a while. I am looking forward to our own place but I wish we could fast forward the moving part.

I am trying to reduce our/my belongings as much as possible as we seem to move the same things all the time but rarely use everything. A lot will be on my flea market stall at Carlsberg on Sunday 8th June from 10am-4pm – some great bargains to be had including some almost new cookbooks, kitchen things, electronics, boys’ clothes and much more. Come and say hello!

I am also excited to be taking part in this photography course, I am hoping to learn a lot and be inspired.

Finally I am looking forward to going to my old school‘s 100 year celebration at the end of the month.

What is June looking like for you?


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