New Year’s Eve in Copenhagen

New Year’s Eve in Copenhagen can be summed up by the word – bang! Masses of people buy big boxes of fireworks from pop up shops and supermarkets, take to the streets and set them off. It starts at about 9pm and goes onto the small hours with the biggest explosions at midnight. It seems rather dangerous and can be in crowded places but people seem to take some care in firing them off but I think the firework code we learnt for Bonfire Night in the UK seems to be alien to Danes, who regularly return to used fireworks and stand way too close. We tend to watch from the safety of our apartment.fireworks

Queen Margarethe also addresses the nation at 6pm with her annual New Year’s Eve address, watched by millions.

The other side to New Year’s Eve is of course food and drink. The main food tradition is a Kransekage, a tower of concentric rings of chewy almond meringues (this is the best way I can describe it) with icing and sparklers and flags adorning it. They are very expensive but seem to be obligatory.


Main meal for the evening is a roast beef joint or steaks, lobsters, lobster soup, langoustines, oysters and other luxury seafood or sushi. Washed down with champagne, of course. Very decadent and the perfect way to celebrate.

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