Revisiting my goals for 2013


Back at the start of this year I set myself a few goals for 2013. I am planning to do the same for 2014 but first I thought I would see how I did on this year’s ones..

  • Get Healthy…I am certainly healthier this year than the last. Some of this has to do with healthier eating, drinking less alcohol and biking a lot more – also taking winter vitamin supplements. I am also more contented in myself and I love living back in Copenhagen – so this has had a positive impact on my mental health. My goal of regular swimming still remains a goal!
  • Keep tidy.…One the whole I doing Ok on this one as I love our apartment and having a peaceful space around me – as long as I don’t look at my son’s Lego! I was delighted to be featured here and it gives me the incentive to keep the apartment looking like this all the time…
  • Improve my photography…I have worked very hard on this over the last twelve months and I am very pleased at the improvements I have made and I am looking at getting even better at it. I am still afraid of my husband’s SLR camera but I am planning a few new excursions with it once the weather gets brighter.
  • Be creative..I have also made sure I have time to try new things this year from Hama beads to baking real bread to photo styling. I love the monthly Craftenhagen group and my visits to Creative Space. I am really rediscovering crafting both for myself and with my son and I love it.
  • Keep blogging…Well, you can see this has happened. I am still enjoying sharing Copenhagen with my growing readership here and I was delighted to welcome new readers after my feature in The Simple Things back in September. I am getting many more positive comments here and on Facebook and I plan to grow and develop Dejlige Days even more in 2014. So thank you for your support this year and I hope you will continue to visit in the new year, I have lots planned.
  • Meet interesting people….I have met so many interesting people this year, in my local community, at my son’s school, through Craftenhagen, the blogging community (both in real life and on line). I am sad not to have reconnected with some old friends here as all our lives are different now from when we first met and I am also sad to have to say goodbye to friends who are returning to their home countries.

2013 has been a good year and I am eagerly looking forward to 2014. I shall be back after New Year’s Day with my new goals for 2014.

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