5 things you must eat in Copenhagen

Here is my guide to five things you must eat in Copenhagen.

Number 1 – Herrings (sild in Danish)herring collage herringsmain I love rollmops but it took me some time to embrace a Danish herring platter but now I am a convert. I ate this amazing platter in Heering, one of the many restaurants in Nyhavn. You get the three traditional herrings – pickled, lightly spiced and in curry dressing along with fried herrings. All are topped with capers and served with rye bread. Heavenly! Couple this with a glass of snaps and hey presto – the perfect herring plate.

Number 2 – Flødebollerflodeboller collage These sweet delights can be found in boxes in the supermarkets, in bakeries and on chocolate counters across the city. They are a delectably light marshmallow filling atop a little round of marzipan and covered with a thin layer of chocolate. If you know Tunnocks Teacakes, these are the very posh version. The fillings can be flavoured – the pink one here is raspberry. Perfect with a cup of tea in the afternoon.

Number 3 – Danish Pastries (or Weinerbrød) pastries I have previously written about my favourite ones here but a visit to any bakery will leave you with a big decision on your hands as the selection is amazing here. They are light and crumbly, sweet and delicious. For those of you who need gluten free food, watch this space as I plan to do a guide to gluten free food here in Copenhagen soon, including pastries.

Number 4 – Hot Dogs (or Pølser)hotdog collage Hot dogs are still the most favoured fast food in Copenhagen. The Pølsevogn has been an institution here in Copenhagen since 1910 and you can spot these ubiquitous vans all over the place with people from all walks of life standing at the little counters eating a quick hot dog. For around 35kr you get a hot dog in a bun topped with mustard, ketchup, remoulade, raw onions, gherkins and crispy onions and it will disappear in seconds! Just be careful all your toppings don’t slide off on the first bite – it is an art!

Number 5 – Open Sandwiches (or Smørrebrød)open sandwichProbably the most famous food (apart from pastries) in Denmark is the open sandwich. You can eat these at most traditional cafes in the city. This one above is a Sternskud (or star burst) – breaded place and prawns on top of rye bread. There are many traditional combinations, always executed in the same way. Other favourites of mine are the roast beef with remoulade and horseradish and potato with mayonnaise and onions. In some places you can order three small ones which is the perfect way to try a variety of toppings. Nyhavn is another great places to eat open sandwiches but there are a number of amazing open sandwich shops across the city – this is my favourite one. So here you have my guide to my top five Danish food – enjoy!


  1. Even if I don’t make it to the Hive this year (although I will try!), Copenhagen is high on my list of places to visit. Thanks for the little tour of traditional eats. Herring is a big thing here in Northern Germany as well, and it’s one thing I just can’t stomach. But the Flødeboller and Weinerbrød look delicious — thanks for sharing!

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