Why I love Danish apartments

I have written before about how the things I thought were strange when we first moved here have become part and parcel of my life. One thing in particular I love is the way Danish apartments are furnished and decorated and I really notice the difference when I am back in the UK but generally I don’t really notice how different things are, until we started to look at apartments to buy here.

There are few things that have really struck me about how Copenhageners live as I look at apartments on the estate agent websites.

danish homesSources – kitchen, dining room, bedroom, living room

  1. White is really the only colour to paint your walls. When I look at a Danish apartment that isn’t painted white, I speculate that the owners can’t be Danish and I am probably right.
  2. There is probably about 50% less furniture in a Danish apartment than in a similar British home. In the UK if we have a wall we put furniture against it, plus things like coffee tables between.
  3. Hand in hand with the above is there is so much less stuff in a Danish apartment. Minimal clutter, clever storage and simply less. Possibly because buying stuff here is expensive but it seems people are just happy with fewer but better designed objects around them.
  4. I can’t recall ever seeing net curtains and rarely proper curtains in a modern Danish home. It is blinds (in white of course) all the way and sometimes nothing at the windows so you can catch glimpses of the hyggeligt interior.
  5. Carpets are another no-no. Beautiful wooden floors, whether painted or treated, are the norm with strategically placed and carefully chosen rugs.
  6. Tiny bathrooms. Many apartments buildings built in the late 18th Century and early 19th Century in the city would not have had a bathroom inside but outside privies. As demand for a bathroom in the apartment grew, space had to be found for it but with already compact floor space, this room would be functional and small so as not to steal too much important living space. There are bathrooms here that a literally a wet room with a toilet and sink in it with space for only one average size person at a time. And that’s OK.

I really love the Scandi aesthetic and can’t wait to get our own place here. I am busy pinning ideas so if you want to see more beautiful Scandinavian inspired rooms visit my Pinterest boards – living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms and kitchens

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