My Guide to Danish Pastries

So Danish pastries or Weinerbrød as they are known here are probably one of the most well known Danish food to the rest of the world. I was surprised and delighted how different the real thing is from the heavy, sticky things we used to eat in meetings in my work in the UK.

When I first moved here I made sure I tasted all the main types and found, of course, that not all were to my taste. Cinnamon is a key flavour in many of them but despite the fact I am generally not a fan, I find it works in a pastry.pastriesSo here is a quick guide to my favourites…

Spandauer – this is a bulkier pastry with either jam or custard in the middle and a scattering of almonds or hazelnuts and icing over the top.

Tryksnegl – this one is a thinner pastry, flavoured with cinnamon with both chocolate and white icing in dots in the centre.

Romsnegl – again a thinner pastry of a long piece of pastry wound around like a snail, flavoured with rum and with icing on top (sometimes with sprinkles) (not photographed above).

Kanelsnegl – a variation on the above but flavoured with cinnamon.


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