My goals for 2013

I have been inspired by some of my favourite bloggers to set goals for this year rather than pointless resolutions so here are my goals….

  • Get Healthy….this is an important one for me as 2012 was pretty tough for me and I have been neglecting my health so my goals are to starting eating healthily and to enjoy my food more plus do some regular exercise beyond pushing a buggy miles around town (the buggy is almost obsolete anyway) so another goal is to get to the swimming pool at least once a week. This I hope will keep the almost constant infections of one nature or another at bay.
  • Keep tidy.…this is something I have battled with since I was a child. I love a tidy space around me but often I let clutter and untidiness prevail. We are moving to a beautiful apartment and I want it to be a peaceful and tidy space so hopefully this will be a battle I will win.
  • Improve my photography…I love capturing the world around me and I want my photos to get better and better this year as I get a lot of pleasure from looking back at them and sharing them.
  • Be creative...I see so many things I think ‘I could make or do that’ so this year I will. I can do many with my son and others for me. I started a crochet blanket three years ago but was too ambitious so I am going simplify and start it again and complete it. I am also going to join this group and I hope to be inspired by others there.
  • Keep blogging…I am working on my new blogging home and I am excited about it plus there is a possible very exciting project in the pipeline so blogging will still be a big part of my life in 2013. I enrolled today for this year’s blogging conference, The Hive, which will help me learn more about how to make the most of blogging.
  • Meet interesting people….through blogging and moving around I have met a lot of interesting and  inspiring people, I hope this year I can be open to meeting more.
Finally the biggest goals are to be happy, enjoy spending time with the people I love, make sure I find time for people far away and enjoy life.

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