Hello 2014

Happy New Year!twocitiesSo another year has passed at lightening speed. It seems just the other day we were packing up in Berlin to move back to Copenhagen but 2013 has been a great year. We slotted back into life here as if we had never left and we have enjoyed many wonderful moments – exploring and rediscovering the city, making new friends and trying out new things. But what does 2014 hold for me?

Last year I had some goals for the year and I am planning to continue to build on them, especially with this blog. Now my son is in preschool, and although I miss his dreadfully, it gives me more time to work on this – both with content and photography. I have some plans, which are in the developmental stages, for more special things to offer here. I also hoping to gain more freelance work so please remember me to friends and colleagues if they are looking for what I have to offer.

Another big thing, for us as a family, this year is buying our own place in Copenhagen so you can expect plenty more about apartments and interiors here – something I know is popular. So there needs to be plenty of decluttering and de-uglying going. Organisation is the key this year.

On a personal note I need to make sure I take time to relax and enjoy the moment, something I sometimes struggle with. And as I near the dreaded 4-0 (a year away at present but looming) I really need to get a new look that makes me feel good about myself especially as 2013 was the year I found my first white hairs! I also need to get my thinking cap on for how to celebrate it in style and also what to have as a new tattoo to mark the new decade.

I would love to hear about your plans for the new year and also what you would like to see here on Dejlige Days in 2014. Thank you for all your comments, visits and support this last year!


  1. Good Luck with your plans for the year ahead. Personally I am also going to try and relax more and enjoy life! I check your blog every day as it makes me feel closer to Copenhagen! I love to see your photo’s of when you’re out and about, places you have been and enjoy reading about your take on Danish traditions. I also love seeing the things you have crafted. Really I just love your whole blog I think you have got a really lovely mix of content. Can’t wait to see what you have got lined up for 2014.

  2. I too would like to work on the relaxing and enjoying more – happy to share strategies, when I come up with something effective! Exciting news on the accommodation front. Happy New Year to you all x x x

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