The perfect Danish Christmas present

Buying Christmas presents for men is always hard but it helps if your husband is collecting something. As mentioned before we have been lucky enough to have found a couple of Koben style pans at flea markets this summer but I thought he might like something else to add to the collection for Christmas. On Etsy I found a man in America who had a number of pieces for sale and I chose this near perfect bright yellow paella pan. I knew he would love it and I was right.CIMG4950

I add to the present I was delighted to find a new brand of luxury food items for sale here in Denmark, Nicolas Vahe. I first spotted some items in Plint on Købmagergade and then saw them in Magasin. Nicolas has developed a collection of gourmet food specialities and I chose the riz au lait, saffron risotto and blueberry jam. I am really looking forward to my husband christening the pan with them. And trying more from the range this year.alex present

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