This Weekend

The first week of the new year has passed and we are about to be back to normal life as the last days of the Christmas holidays end. I am excited about 2014, we have a sunny break planned soon and I can’t wait to get my teeth back into this blog. In case you missed it, here are my goals for the coming year…I would love to hear your views.

thisweekend 1

Need something to carry your tea and biscuits on, look no further.

Although posted as a Christmas treat, these would make a great gift any time.

Something to brighten up your winter coat.

A great new blog discovery for me here and I love this so much.

This is a real trip down memory lane for me, many childhood weekends spent here.

Whilst still relatively mild here in Copenhagen, our feathered friend still need a bit of help.

I love living in a city where people care.

Happy weekend. Don’t forget you can follow me on InstagramPinterest and Facebook.


    • Hi! I saw the article about your blog on the Daily Mail website and searched it out immediately. When we lived in the UK I wanted to try what you did and used my local farm shop for as much as I could. Looking forward to reading more about Team Pugh in 2014 x

      • Hi. I am looking forward to reading more on Team Pugh too. I live in Australia so am going to give your idea a go x

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