Decorating for Autumn

Although winter has officially started, it still feels very autumny in our house. I couldn’t resist these perfect little pumpkins in our local florist. I also picked up some cheap little wooden candle holders from Netto. They were an ugly colour so, as they resembled pumpkins, I gave them a quick coat of orange hobby paint. I was tempted to give them faces but decided to stop whist they still looked OK. I can see them have a new lease of life for Christmas with another lick of paint – not bad for 10kr each!CIMG7582

I also picked up these happy looking bats to go with our jack o’ lantern candle holder and these pumpkin pompoms I made last year. There will be more halloween things to add plus some more handiwork by my son later in the week.CIMG7588

I spent a few happy evenings with my Hama beads and created these little decorations to stick around the house. I am not a fan of the trick or treat element of halloween but decorating is fun, especially with a child.CIMG7591

Finally on a very tasteful note, I have this amazing wreath on the front door and I am drying out these superbly autumnal hydrangea.autumn flowersDo you decorate for Halloween or autumn?


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