Very Spooky..Tivoli at Halloween

As is our tradition we spent a day at Tivoli to enjoy the Halloween opening. We went a little crazy and treated ourselves to armbands for unlimited rides. Normally I restrict my son to a few rides as the tickets can add up but I had been promising him a full day of rides for a while. We chose well as the park was very quiet for most of the day and at times we were the only people on some of the rides (maybe not so good for the Tivoli coffers!).CIMG7608 CIMG7617 CIMG7626 IMG_8453

Apparently there were 20,000 pumpkins in the park but if I am honest I think that previous years have been better. They chose to be a bit more trendy this year and go for a variety of types and sizes of pumpkins rather than the typical jack o’ lantern type. It was a great day but I missed some of the little halloween touches from previous years and also I think it might be time for them to do something new in the spooky village area. We did love the surprises that came out of the wooden crates though!

On another note I see they have a new central theme for the Christmas opening after a few years of Russian Christmas so I am looking forward to that.

All comparisons with previous Halloweens aside, there is nothing to beat Nimb at night, whatever the season!IMG_8466


  1. We went today! And yesterday! And um…. The day before! The kids loved it on our Copenhagen trip. Homeward bound tomorrow 😟

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