Store Bededag on Friday

We seem to be out of sync with other countries when it comes to public holidays. This Friday is Store Bededag, a day where, in the 17th century, the Danish church consolidated lots of prayer days into one on the fourth Friday after Easter. Almost everything closes for the day and traditionally Copenhageners walk around the city ramparts enjoying the sun (if we are lucky) and time with family.CIMG6566 As usual there is a food tradition associated with the day, varme hveder. These are delicious soft bread rolls flavoured with cardamon and usually simply toasted and buttered. This is when the flat toasters come into their own! SONY DSCHistorically everyone should have Store Bededag free of work for prayer so bakers would make these breads the night before for people to eat the next day. Nowadays these rolls are available during the week before and, of course, on the day. And not everyone gets to day off!SONY DSCEnjoy the holiday!

Decorating for Autumn

Although winter has officially started, it still feels very autumny in our house. I couldn’t resist these perfect little pumpkins in our local florist. I also picked up some cheap little wooden candle holders from Netto. They were an ugly colour so, as they resembled pumpkins, I gave them a quick coat of orange hobby paint. I was tempted to give them faces but decided to stop whist they still looked OK. I can see them have a new lease of life for Christmas with another lick of paint – not bad for 10kr each!CIMG7582

I also picked up these happy looking bats to go with our jack o’ lantern candle holder and these pumpkin pompoms I made last year. There will be more halloween things to add plus some more handiwork by my son later in the week.CIMG7588

I spent a few happy evenings with my Hama beads and created these little decorations to stick around the house. I am not a fan of the trick or treat element of halloween but decorating is fun, especially with a child.CIMG7591

Finally on a very tasteful note, I have this amazing wreath on the front door and I am drying out these superbly autumnal hydrangea.autumn flowersDo you decorate for Halloween or autumn?


Very Spooky..Tivoli at Halloween

As is our tradition we spent a day at Tivoli to enjoy the Halloween opening. We went a little crazy and treated ourselves to armbands for unlimited rides. Normally I restrict my son to a few rides as the tickets can add up but I had been promising him a full day of rides for a while. We chose well as the park was very quiet for most of the day and at times we were the only people on some of the rides (maybe not so good for the Tivoli coffers!).CIMG7608 CIMG7617 CIMG7626 IMG_8453

Apparently there were 20,000 pumpkins in the park but if I am honest I think that previous years have been better. They chose to be a bit more trendy this year and go for a variety of types and sizes of pumpkins rather than the typical jack o’ lantern type. It was a great day but I missed some of the little halloween touches from previous years and also I think it might be time for them to do something new in the spooky village area. We did love the surprises that came out of the wooden crates though!

On another note I see they have a new central theme for the Christmas opening after a few years of Russian Christmas so I am looking forward to that.

All comparisons with previous Halloweens aside, there is nothing to beat Nimb at night, whatever the season!IMG_8466


Autumn and Halloween are truly upon us. I am not a huge fan of some aspects of Halloween, such as trick or treating, but it is a good opportunity to celebrate the change of season. Autumn here in Copenhagen is very orange and yellow. The florist in Torvehallerne had a wonderful selection of flowers to fit into this colour scheme.autumn1

I spent a few crafty hours over the weekend with a pot of decoupage varnish. I made a lantern from an old jar and pressed leaves from our visit to the Frilands Museum. I also used it to preserve more leaves, conkers and Chinese Lanterns. This meant that they looked shiny and also lasted longer.

I made some pumpkin pompoms with real sticks for stems (although my son said they looked more like apples – but hey, they are autumny too).autumn collage

I dug out some Autumn decorations from last year in Berlin and bought a paper pumpkin from Tiger, which was a lot bigger than I thought.autumn2

A little Lego skeleton sneaked into the decorations! I also found the egg box bats my son made last year and added some bats and cats from Søstrene Grene. We spent some happy hours yesterday making pompom spiders and pipe cleaner cats. So there is definitely a handmade feel to our Halloween and Autumn displays and that is the best way!autumn kids

Halloween at Tivoli

I love Tivoli and the autumn/Halloween opening is no exception. Blue skies today made it even more perfect. Tivoli is open until 27th October and then closed until the Christmas opening.tivoli

tivoli collage2

tivoli collage


more tivoli

Happy Easter

I will be taking a little Easter blogging break to eat chocolate and to be hyggeligt. Hope you all have a great holiday and let’s hope Spring arrives with April.

Don’t forget to check out my entry for the Expat Blogs’ writing competition here and I will be sharing our Easter moments on Instagram @dejligedays, expect lots of chocolate!

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