Autumn and Halloween are truly upon us. I am not a huge fan of some aspects of Halloween, such as trick or treating, but it is a good opportunity to celebrate the change of season. Autumn here in Copenhagen is very orange and yellow. The florist in Torvehallerne had a wonderful selection of flowers to fit into this colour scheme.autumn1

I spent a few crafty hours over the weekend with a pot of decoupage varnish. I made a lantern from an old jar and pressed leaves from our visit to the Frilands Museum. I also used it to preserve more leaves, conkers and Chinese Lanterns. This meant that they looked shiny and also lasted longer.

I made some pumpkin pompoms with real sticks for stems (although my son said they looked more like apples – but hey, they are autumny too).autumn collage

I dug out some Autumn decorations from last year in Berlin and bought a paper pumpkin from Tiger, which was a lot bigger than I thought.autumn2

A little Lego skeleton sneaked into the decorations! I also found the egg box bats my son made last year and added some bats and cats from Søstrene Grene. We spent some happy hours yesterday making pompom spiders and pipe cleaner cats. So there is definitely a handmade feel to our Halloween and Autumn displays and that is the best way!autumn kids

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