Exploring the city – The Potato Rows (Kartoffelrækkerne)

I had been visiting a friend’s home in this little district of houses close to Svanemøllen Station for a while and was very curious about the history of the area. Then another friend wrote an article in an online publication Heart Home about this place and I was even more fascinated (read Rochelle’s article on page 68 of the Summer issue here)
The area is known as the potato rows as it was build on former potato fields and follows very straight rows of construction. These workers’ homes were build in the late 19th Century and now are super popular places to live – in fact the Danish prime minister lives in one.
There are so many bright flowers in all the gardens and a lovely community feel. In the summer the semi pedestrian streets hold neighbourhood flea markets and community days. I took a walk around with my camera on a sunny Sunday morning and there were people sitting in many of the little enclosed front gardens eating breakfast and relaxing. Most called out a jolly greeting to me.
I loved the feel of the neighbourhood and in my dreams I would live here. If you would like to see more of what these gorgeous little homes looks like inside, this interiors website has a great feature on one of them.


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